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Historical Places To Visit In Cape Town

Historical Places to Visit in Cape Town

Historical Places to Visit in Cape Town

Cape Town is an amazing place that holds rich heritage, culture, historical monuments and much more. Many people visit this city to just explore the magnificent history of the place. If you are planning a Cape Town Tour with your family and friends, then you should read this guide.


History tends to spark that curiosity bug in folks who are enthusiast about it. Every castle, every monument, every street has a story to tell and a fable to recite. Cape Town is no different. With a rich mixture of cultural culminations and heritage, Cape Town sings history like no other.


Rated as one of the best places to visit by leading magazines and travel portals, Cape Town attracts millions of tourists throughout the year. While adventure junkies are hell bent on diving with the sharks or whale watching, history junkies can tread the path to explore unusual locations that have often been overlooked.


Robben Island: Home of Nelson Mandela, the Robben Island is witness to the tortures and vile atrocities faced by the apartheid victims. A completely isolated and banished settlement, Robben Island promised to spike that hair behind your neck.


Castle of Good Hope: A place that is of historical interest since it was discovered by the Dutch in the year 1666, Castle of Good Hope has a monumental five pointed star which is symbolic of human establishment in the area.


West Coast Mission Village Route: Established in the early 1800s the Village Route is a thriving marketplace for the tourists and is enriched with regular African cuisine and artefacts.  You can make your Day Tours in Cape Town memorable and worth visiting by visiting such marvellous places.

This is all about the popular historical places that you should visit.



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